Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head – Robert Wadlow Statue #119


Robert Wadlow 

Besides being an applicable title for this blog post about rainy day cake hunting and just some great lyrics to hum along to whenever it’s stormy out, this song has the perfect couple of lines for Cake #119: And just like the guy whose feet / Are too big for his bed / Nothing seems to fit…well you know how the rest goes. But the reason those lyrics are so significant for this cake is because it is in honor of Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in the world!

Robert only lived to the age of 22 but when he died he was 8 feet 11.1 inches tall! He was born in Alton, IL in 1918 and by the time he was 9 years old he was already over 6 feet.


Cake #119 at the Robert Wadlow Statue 

His impressive stature was due to a pituitary anomaly that caused his body to continually make the growth hormone, so if he had not died so young of a foot infection, there is no telling how tall he may have grown to be.

Robert had planned to become an attorney but because of his size and brittle bones, attending classes was difficult for him, and so he joined the circus at age 19 before taking to the road at age 20 with his father as a spokesperson for the International Shoe Company.


A Replica of Robert Wadlow’s Chair

When Robert died in 1940 most businesses in Alton shut down for the day so that the whole town could honor their favorite giant. Then in 1985 a bronze statue of Robert was erected and placed across from the SIUE Dental School.

While all of this history is incredibly fascinating, I do have to say that dragging a waterlogged pup through a space that is mostly occupied by a literally giant mannequin is not an ideal situation to admire a cake! However seeing the statue/mannequin was admittedly pretty amazing and by this point we were already as drenched as we were going to get, so we carried on even amidst strange looks from passersby with umbrellas who pretty much just shook their heads as they watched us frolic, and I can’t say I blame them.

Cake Monster Goes to Court – St. Louis County Courthouse #48

Cake #48 at the St. Louis County Courthouse

Cake #48 at the St. Louis County Courthouse

The next stop on our cake hunting list for the day was at the St. Louis County Courthouse and what a beast that cake was to find!

Unfortunately at the time of our cake hunt, there was some intense construction going on in Clayton specifically in front of the Courthouse.

So Miles and I walked back and forth, back and forth trying to find the cake. This part of the adventure was made even more sketchy by the fact that at one point, I was using the GPS on my phone to find the cake, and it kept yelling, “You have reached your destination!” when clearly we hadn’t because we were in the middle of a parking lot and everyone around us who heard that must have thought we were on a really lame parking lot adventure.

After what felt like forever though, I finally saw a small opening in the construction equipment and thought to myself, “Why not?” Miles was less than sure about the decision to scurry past the Do Not Enter signs, but once I pulled him through, the construction gave way to the back of the courthouse and the cake!

Cake #48 at the St. Louis County Courthouse

Cake #48 at the St. Louis County Courthouse

While the layout of the back of the courthouse was itself pretty interesting – yes, there were mannequins, no I did not get close enough to take pictures of them – the history of the county was definitely worth looking into as well.

Apparently St. Louis County is the largest county in Missouri – pretty sweet! I also learned that one of the first governing bodies of St. Louis County included Charles Gratiot, Auguste Chouteau, Jacques Clamorgan, and David Delauney – some pretty big names in St. Louis history.

So after Miles and I had a short rest on the back steps of the courthouse, we made our way to the last cake of the day, but not before stopping to take a picture of a sweet man on a horse statue we saw on the way back to the car.

So majestic!

So majestic!