Pride in my City – Little Golden Cake #145.5


                                                                          Palmetto, Cake Monster and Beadssssss

Let’s set the scene: it was the summer of 2014 and Mercutio Krispytreats, Palmetto Joseph Ray-Ban and this Cake Monster had donned our finest rainbow finery and headed to the Pride Parade to celebrate. After we had gathered as many beads as our necks could hold, we decided to check out the booths set up across the street. And as if it was fate, no sooner had we crossed the barrier into the party, did I spy with my little eye a glorious little golden sight! None other than the Little Golden Cake (“Goldie” for short)!!


Mercutio, Cake Monster and a convenient Frisbee hat




Goldie was the prototype for the rest of the STL250 cakes, only about one eighth their size and much more portable. During that summer, Goldie was making her way from event to event to get people excited to cake hunt and to give cake enthusiasts like me a perfect photo op and a chance to actually hold a cake in my hands (because let’s be real, the actual cakes were monsters and weighed at least 100 lbs each).


Miss Goldie on display!


After the Cakeway to the West of 2014 came to an end, Goldie was placed in a time capsule along with other artifacts from the year long adventure which will be opened in 2064 when St. Louis celebrates its 300th birthday, and this excited Cake Monster can only guess what the city adventure planners will cook up for that celebration!!