The One in which Cake Monster Is Too Shaw-ked to Take a Souvenir – Shaw Nature Reserve #130


IMG_2597After a rousing game of how close to a Ben Franklin mannequin is Cake Monster willing to get, Palmetto, Mercutio and I left the scene of the mannequin attack and headed to Gray Summit to check out Cake #130 at the Shaw Nature Reserve.

The Shaw Nature Reserve is actually an extension of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, which was founded in 1925. At the time, the Nature Reserve served as a plant life safe haven as there was a need to keep them away from the smoke pollution occurring at the time. Now the Reserve has become a place of not only natural beauty but educational value as well with numerous trails and areas to explore nature and a staff that’s equipped with all the natural knowledge you could ask for. The Reserve was even given the honor of being a National Environmental Education Landmark by the US Secretary of the Interior in 1972.


                                                                                         Cake #130 at the Shaw Nature Reserve

As part of all this awesomeness, the Shaw Nature Reserve was given a super incredible cake with some very interesting details including little figurines of eagles and snakes and turtles which were oh so tempting to this Cake Monster who loves a good souvenir!


                                                                                     Cake #130 at the Shaw Nature Reserve





I mean, look at that tiny turtle, how could you not want to take him home and keep him forever?

The temptation was real, but the sign near the cake, and the concern of both Palmetto and Mercutio, led me away from walking off with a new pocket turtle, which, in the end was


                                                                                         Cake #130 at the Shaw Nature Reserve

probably the right thing to do (I guess). And now even though I don’t have a cute little bald eagle to take with me on my adventures, I do have the memory of trying to sneakily pry a super-glued-on snake from the bottom of the cake only to look up at the disapproving faces of Palmetto and Mercutio and quietly relinquishing my struggle in the spirit of solidarity with all the cake monsters that would come after me, and really it’s the thought that counts, I suppose.