Highway to the Amusement Park Zone – Six Flags #132


                                                                          Cake #132 at Six Flags

For this Cake Monster, there is nothing more reminiscent of childhood and early adolescence than summers and early falls spent at Six Flags. From getting a season pass from the Easter Bunny, to waiting until the first day the park opened, to doing my best to battle the summer humidity to look presentable for my season pass photo, so many summer memories started with Six Flags. And going to see Cake #132 at the entrance to the Park grounds with Palmetto and Mercutio somehow seemed to bring all of them back at once.


                                                                          Cake #132 detail

Even though this Cake Monster wouldn’t be a patron until many years later, Six Flags St. Louis opened in 1971. In case you’re wondering, the six flags commemorated by the name of the theme park are the six nations that have governed the state of Texas (the birthplace of the theme park) including Spain, France, the Republic of Texas, Mexico, the United States and the Confederate States of America.

Six Flags St. Louis was one of the original three theme parks built and the only one of the three that still is around today.

Over the years the park has put new rides in (hello, Hurricane Harbor!) and taken old rides out, but the heart of the park has remained the same – and I still love me some Log Flume!


                                                                 Palmetto, Cake Monster and Mercutio at Cake #132 

At the time of the cake hunt, the park was allowing cake hunters to access the Six Flags parking lot through a special lane used only for checking out the cake and moving along, so even without season passes, Mercutio, Palmetto and I were able to live a little bit of that summer life by spending time with the cake in front of the fountains that lead the way into the park.



As an interesting side note: once 2014 ended, the fates of the cakes were pretty uncertain. Some of the cakes remained at their locations while some were auctioned off to the highest bidder (usually a hardcore cake hunter who wanted a real piece of the action to add to their collection), and some, like the Six Flags cake, were refurbished and oftentimes given a new location.

The fate of the Six Flags cake fell into the last category as it was in need of a pretty much full scale repair by the time the year of the cake hunt was over. So it was re-imagined and repainted and given to none other than one of my favorite independent bookstores – the Novel Neighbor in Webster Groves! The interesting thing about this discovery was that the first time I stopped by the Novel Neighbor in 2015, I noticed the cake out front and took a picture because I thought I had never seen it before, but it was only when doing research on the Six Flags cake did I discover that the cake that stands outside my favorite place to go for local art and good books is none other than the Six Flags cake with a face lift! Small cake hunting world indeed! 🙂


The (Cake) Monster Inside Me – St. Joseph’s Academy #19


Musical NoteFrom Earth to sky, let our song resound, in praise of St. Joseph’s Academy. Where our hopes are nurtured and dreams come true and friendships are fostered in loyalty. The memories of the hours we’ve shared we’ll always cherish with fidelity. The carefree hours and youth’s bright laugh Salute St. Joseph’s Academy! 

Talk about a trip down memory lane! Once the gates of nostalgia were open, I knew they couldn’t be closed until I had made a trip to see the cake at my old stomping ground: St. Joseph’s Academy.

Cake #19! At St. Joseph's Academy
Cake #19! At St. Joseph’s Academy

Interestingly enough, 2014 marks 10 years since I walked the halls of St. Joe’s as a young freshman (where does the time go? *sniff*).

Besides being one of my favorite high schools in the area (I might be a little biased), St. Joseph’s Academy is the second ever all girls Catholic high school in the St. Louis area.

St. Joe’s was chosen to be a part of the Cakeway to the West by public vote, but what I liked about this cake is the artist’s (a SJA alum!) use of the flags of other area high schools and the ever popular St. Louis question, “Where did you go to high school?” printed along the top of the cake.

wpid-20140315_163940.jpgSo as Mercutio, WD and I walked around the cake admiring all of the different schools represented and the bright colorful tiers, I told them all about my time at St. Joseph’s Academy. I told them about how I got so used to wearing a uniform everyday during high school that college was a complete culture shock for me when I realized I had to actually decide what to wear each day (and there were boys in my classes! What?). I also told them about my sweet red Saturn (RIP) that was a ticking time bomb and whose passenger side window would only roll down half way and then make an annoying buzzing sound which I would use at my discretion whenever I felt my current passenger was getting unruly (or they were unaware of the window situation 😉 ).

I told them lots of tales of my adventures in high school, however, the most meaningful part of this cake adventure, for this cake monster, was coming home later that evening and looking through some old photographs and finding these gems:

That's me! Second from the left!

That’s me! Second from the left!

See! See! I was always a monster :)

See! See! I was always a monster 🙂








These pictures were taken at the end of Mission Week – a week during which the ladies of St. Joe’s help raise money for the missions in Peru. At the end of the week, it’s a tradition for the senior women to dress up in homemade capes and celebrate together as a class. As you can see, my friends pictured above have nice, normal ideas for their capes: Batman, Spiderman, etc. However, being the monster that I am, my cape is adorned with nothing other than a beast. That was all I wanted on my cape – a beast.

Looking back now, this seems to have laid the groundwork for the cake monster that lurks inside me today. Plus cake / cape – they almost rhyme, right? 😉

Musical NoteWith sturdy hearts we hold aloft the colors we’ll always defend. So raise the banner of green and white and let our voices blend. Salute! St. Joseph’s Academy!

Cake Monster Gets Nostalgic – The Lodge at Des Peres #18

The Lodge at Des Peres

The Lodge at Des Peres                                         Photo Credit: www.thelodgedesperes.com

Four score and many cakes ago, Mercutio Krispytreats, Waltrice Disneta and I were still cake adventuring around West County on a brisk afternoon in March. As we made our way up Manchester Road, the next cake calling our name was at The Lodge at Des Peres.

Cake #18!

Cake #18!

Unfortunately, as my face in the picture to the left accurately shows, unlike Manchester City Hall, I was unable to do much delving into the (I’m sure) rich history of The Lodge at Des Peres – that and I was getting my first taste of the infamous retina-burning that is cake hunting for people who forget their sunglasses :(.  

So instead of presenting you with the history of the location, I now present you with my own personal history with the location – bring on the nostalgia!

Ten years ago in 2004, a much younger Cake Monster was entering the doors of The Lodge at Des Peres as a proud high school senior.

That night The Lodge at Des Peres was to be the location of Senior Lock-In, a time when all the seniors got together one last time to celebrate their youth and accomplishments (aka graduating high school in one piece). So along with the other senior women in my class, we entered the doors of The Lodge at Des Peres at sun down and did not emerge until sun up.

A young Cake Monster dancing to her own drummer at The Lodge in Des Peres circa 2004

A young Cake Monster dancing to her own drummer at The Lodge in Des Peres circa 2004

It was a night to remember, full of laughs, hypnotism, a money pit (you know, that thing where you step into an inflatable booth full of dollars that are being blown around the booth by an air blower, and you try to grab as many of them as you can and stuff them through a little hole in the booth? Yes? No?), caricature drawings, and general fun had by all.

The Lodge itself still stands as I remembered looking at it as I pulled away in my sweet green Saturn, bleary eyed after a night of camaraderie that I still think on fondly. *I need a moment!*

And so with hardcore nostalgia still welling up in my throat after finding the cake at The Lodge at Des Peres, it was only right that the next stop on our cake-venture be my alma mater.


Cake #18!

Cake #18! …with some sort of spooky alien-looking shadow cast on the cake….

Cake #18!

                  Cake #18!