Drinkin’ Beers, Beers, Beers – Anheuser-Busch Brewery #142


                                                                        Cake #142 at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery

So it’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday in mid-June in 2014 and where else could you expect this Cake Monster and Mercutio Krispytreats to be other than out cake hunting? The mission for the day was to see two cakes – the first of which was at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.


                                                                                  Cake #142 at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Now, full disclosure, Mercutio and I figured that what was a trip to the Brewery to see the cake if we didn’t actually take the FREE tour (did I mention it was free?!). But since everyone else in town seemed to have the same idea – for the tour and not the cake hunt, sadly – we had to sign up for a tour time that was much later than our arrival. So with some extra time on our hands, we took the opportunity to admire the cake at the Brewery as well as travel to our next cake location at STL Style before coming back for the tour. So technically the tour followed the cake sighting by one cake in between, but who’s really keeping track at this point besides me, right? So anyway…


…some history! In the mid-1800s, St. Louis saw an increase in the number of German immigrants coming to live in our fair city. With this increase in people, and their special know-how and tastes, there was also an increase in the production of beer, in particular, lager – which is a lighter and crisper brew, but one that requires a lot more attention and care than other types.

IMG_2718So now let’s talk about two great forces coming together. On one side there is Eberhard Anheuser who left Germany for St. Louis in 1843 where he got into the soap manufacturing business. Eventually, although he wasn’t a trained brew-master, he became involved with the Bavarian Brewery, eventually buying all other investors out and renaming it E. Anheuser and Co. Cue the entrance of Adolphus Busch who was part of a brewing supply company through which he met Eberhard and eventually his daughter Lilly Anheuser who he fell in love with and married in 1861. At this point, he joined the family business. And thanks to Adolphus, there was a push for wider exposure of their beer and the name Budweiser was introduced as a brand that would be welcomed by Germans and easy for Americans to pronounce. IMG_2714

Adolphus also became the first brewer to use pasteurization which allowed beer to travel greater distances, again, expanding the reach of the brewery.  In 1876 Budweiser became the first national beer brand, due in large part of Adolphus’ skill in marketing and advertising. In 1879 the brewery was renamed the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association and control of the brewery moved to Adolphus after Eberhard passed away and then to his son August Busch Sr. when Adolphus passed as well.

Prohibition was a trying time all around, but under the leadership of August Sr., the brewery thrived by diversifying its efforts and moving into the sale of ice cream and non-alcholic drinks.


Through the years, the brewery has faced many challenges but has met them all with great courage and innovation, managing to stay relevant and prosperous. And today as Anheuser-Busch InBev, it is the largest brewer in the world!


During the tour, Mercutio and I were regaled with all of this information and more including the process of beer production and bottling. We were even treated to several samples and one delicious larger beverage once the tour was over. Personally, this Cake Monster is not a beer drinker, but when at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, it’s only polite to do as the Anheuser/Busch crew would do and drink up and enjoy!



Cake Monster Gets Clever – The Feasting Fox #89

2014-05-09 19.43.22

Cake #89 at the Feasting Fox

What is it about a place like this

that makes me want to raise a fist

and shake it as I say aloud,

“This cake needs a clever poem, and now!”

So let’s go back,

Back to the start,

When this place was just one part

Of a trio of locations close to August Busch Sr’s heart.


Along with the Stork Inn and the lovely Bevo Mill,

August Busch just wanted patrons to get their fill

of their beloved brews during the difficult years

When not every establishment was serving beers.

2014-05-09 19.45.29

Cake detail


So in 1914 he built this location,

And 100+ years later it’s still a picture of dedication,

to the St. Louis way of life,

and the resilience of a city that’s no stranger to strife.


After being known as Al Smith’s Restaurant until the ’60s,

It fell into disrepair and was in need of a fixing.

So in 1993 when Susan and Martin Luepker took over the place

They decided to really spruce up the space.


They brought in some benches from a restaurant on Lemay Ferry,

and even some tables and chairs from the CWE to make things more merry.

Famous Barr in Clayton even helped with the fix,

donating some more chairs and tables to add to the mix.


With the furnishings from the Missouri Athletic Club rounding out the decor

2014-05-09 19.44.11

Cake #89 at the Feasting Fox

Who could ask for more?


But, ah, yes, it needed a name,

And after some thought, the new place became

THE FEASTING FOX, that sly old creature

that still sits atop the Anheuser Busch’s brewery roof feature.



So with thoughts full of history,

And her-story too,

We selfied with the cake and bid it adieu.