School’s Out For Summer – University of Missouri St. Louis #140


Cake #140 at the University of Missouri St. Louis

It really was quite poetic that for our last cake of the day at the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL), the cake would happen to be atop a hill tall enough for us to pause and look out from into the world beyond…and then have the crushing fear that either myself or Miles was going to go over the edge of said hill even though that would probably have been next to impossible (*whew* can still feel those fear-of-heights-chills!).


                                                                   Cake #140 at UMSL

For a little background, the University of Missouri is the oldest state university system west of the Mississippi (score another point for the MO!) with the campus in Columbia having been established in 1839. The UMSL campus location, however, was purchased by the Normandy School District from a Country Club in 1958. The school opened in 1960 with 215 students. Over the years, the school has expanded both in property obtained and enrollments with UMSL being the second largest of the University of Missouri’s campuses, the largest university in the St. Louis area with 16,000+ students, and the third largest in the state – not bad for pretty humble beginnings.


And not only was this cake and look out point particularly intriguing, but when the Regional Arts Commission did their RAC-O-Lantern Scavenger Hunt in October of 2014, one of the carved pumpkins was at the Touhill Performing Arts Center on UMSL’s campus. So now not only have I seen the outside of the buildings, but I have gotten to sample a little of the campus’ artistic offerings as well. I was even treated to a parade of little girls in princess dresses and their parents who were headed into the theater for an afternoon production around the same time I was there to see the pumpkin. I don’t remember what show was playing, but I do remember that even when the music started to begin the performance, the lobby of the theater was still ringing with excited little voices who were ready for a show but not at all ready to keep quiet about it.


And now to the cake! I mean, the details on this one are both stunning and, I admit, a little spooky, which is absolutely perfect for me. I remember seeing that the cake was decorated by UMSL Fine Arts Students which I think was an awesome idea and brought a lot of dimension to the cake. My two favorite pieces of the cake were the watercolor lady starting a blender…or just generally seeming sinister….seen in the picture on the right and the flying monkey with a knife-tail (or a tail-knife?) seen in the bottom left picture. Either way, the uniqueness of this cake and its images was a memorable way to end a cake hunting adventure with Mr. Miles James.


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