Miles Has a Good Time at a Shrine- Old Saint Ferdinand Shrine #137


Old Saint Ferdinand Shrine #137

After two cakes, Miles and I were primed and ready for our third cake at the Old Saint Ferdinand Shrine in Florissant. This particular cake adventure took place in the early summer and to both of our surprise, the parking lot at the shrine was packed. It was definitely the perfect day for an adventure.

The Old Saint Ferdinand Shrine is actually a combination of four buildings, one of which, a church, is the oldest Catholic Church west of the Mississippi. The other buildings that make up the shrine are a schoolhouse, rectory and a convent where Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne lived for many years. Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne (which you may remember from an earlier cake adventure) gifted the Saint Ferdinand Shrine with its cornerstone in 1821.


Old Saint Ferdinand Shrine #137

The Old Saint Ferdinand Shrine is open for tours and other special events, and on the beautiful June day when Miles and I visited the cake, it was full of tourists, most of whom were very excited to meet a small, friendly pug along the way.

The church was open during the time we were there and since it seemed impolite to bring Miles along, he was given a little break in the car with the window cracked while I poked my head in and gave the church a quick viewing. The viewing was so quick, I barely remember the insides of the church, but when I got back to the car, I found that Miles had made a new friend in a little boy who was standing by the car window waving at the happily barking pup. On that note, and after Miles accepted a couple of head pats from his new friend, we headed out for our next adventure.


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