Hot on the Trail – Grant’s Trail #114


Cake #114 at Grant’s Trail

Oh glorious, glorious cake-redemption, you are so, so sweet. During the year of the cake hunt, there was nothing quite as satisfying as finally being able to locate a cake that had previously been a sad cake fail. And Cake #114 at Grant’s Trail was one such redemption cake.

The first attempt at finding this cake took place a few weeks prior when even though my official list of placed cakes said that the Grant’s Trail cake was out and available for everyone to enjoy, we simply could not find it. On that trip, we even went so far as to park the car on a super sketchy patch of road that I’m like 85% positive wasn’t meant for cars, and then walk several paces in either direction only to end up with heavy hearts and sadness where cake happiness should be.


Cake #114 at Grant’s Trail 

But this trip – the trip where we actually came face to face with the cake in all its glory – was the complete opposite of our failed attempt and therefore that much more wonderful.


The trail. Ooh. Aah.

Grant’s Trail, which, in case you hadn’t guessed, was named for former President Ulysses S Grant and is about 8 miles long. The trail is about 10 miles from the Arch, but it runs all the way to Kirkwood. Apparently the trail follows an old rail line so there’s tons of history already built into the trail itself not to mention the other hot spots you can visit if you follow the trail including Grant’s Farm and a few other of Grant’s properties.


Cake #114 at Grant’s Trail 

Mercutio Krispytreats and I did make a little use of the trail during our time visiting the cake, walking up the trail past the cake and back down, but even better than this pause for exercise was the special feeling that one more cake could be crossed off the list, and as it was the only cake on the list for that day, our cake hunting mission had been accomplished!


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