Destiny Is Calling Me – Brightside St. Louis #112


2014-05-30-19-33-29Coming from an ice cream cake,

And we’re doing just fine

Gotta, gotta be quick

Because we wanna see it all.

It started out with plan

How did it end up like this?

It was only a plan. It was only a plan.

Now we’re on to our second cake,

And it’s a pretty sweet thing.

Brightside St. Louis,

Where clean-up is king.


 Cake #112 at Brightside St. Louis 

Ok, that’s enough of that. If you haven’t caught on yet, I was attempting to employ a sweet play on words for Cake #112 at Brightside St. Louis using the lyrics to The Killer’s song Mr. Brightside, but you know, a Cake Monster can only be so creative for so long 🙂

So silly lyrics aside, Brightside St. Louis is one local not-for-profit that you’ve probably seen the efforts of without even knowing it. Located just a few blocks away from the Botanical Gardens, Brightside was founded in 1982 by former Mayer Vincent Schoemehl and G. Duncan Bauman, who was the publisher of the St. Louis Globe Democrat, in response to a survey taken of St. Louis residents who felt that the biggest problem with the city was that it was too dirty.


 Part of Brightside St. Louis’ Demo Garden

In order to staff this initiative (originally called Operation Brightside) to clean up the city, volunteers for the project were asked to each sign up 10 additional volunteers who were then in turn asked to sign up ten more volunteers and on and on and on. Now, more than 30 years later, volunteers are still making St. Louis a cleaner place by collecting trash, removing graffiti and offering seedlings for area residents and volunteers to beautify their little part of St. Louis.


 Cake #112 at Brightside St. Louis

So while my attempt at being witty may have failed just a little bit, the mission and efforts of this awesome not-for-profit certainly have succeeded in making St. Louis a cleaner place to live, as well as providing a fun Demo Garden for Mercutio Krispytreats and I to stomp around in before heading to our last cake of the day.





 Cake #112 at Brightside St. Louis 




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