The Vinyls May Be Vintage, But The Music Is Still My Jam – Vintage Vinyl #110


Sweet Baby Miles in his Halloween costume circa 2012

Take it from this Cake Monster, the best way to end a long cake hunting trip is with a cake stop at a place that always makes you smile. And for me and Miles James, that place is Vintage Vinyl on the Delmar Loop.

Miles and I have a long history with the Loop, going back even before we were fearless cake hunters. When I lived in Maryland Heights, I would sometimes take Miles with me to the Loop dressed in his Halloween costume, even if it wasn’t Halloween time, just to see how many people would stop and pet him and smile and say how cute he was. During these trips, Miles and I were frequent visitors to the last stop on our cake hunt for the day: Vintage Vinyl. Miles, in particular, is a fan of the the free concerts they host in front of their store on Record Store Day.

With all the greatness Vintage Vinyl has to offer the Loop, I was not at all surprised that they were chosen as a cake location, and when I went to look up a little bit more about their history, I fell a little bit more in love with the location.


Cake #110 at Vintage Vinyl

The idea for Vintage Vinyl – a place that was run by music lovers for music lovers – started in 1979 as the brainchild of Tom Ray and Lewis Prince. To kick start their idea, they decided to start used bringing records to the Soulard Farmer’s Market to sell. With the income from those sales, they bought more and more records and pretty soon they had sold enough to buy a really real store where they could sell their records. Their first store on Delmar was only 400 square feet and their inventory soon outgrew their space, so they moved to a second location, still on Delmar, that was 1000 square feet. And after a few years at this second location, they again needed to expand so they finally settled on their current location at 6610 Delmar, and with an awesome marquee out front, you can’t miss it! (PS this is just my condensed version of their history, if you need a good laugh, check out the owners’ version of their history; it’s ridiculously good).


Cake #110 at Vintage Vinyl

And true to form, a snazzy place needs an equally snazzy cake, and the cake that was chosen for this location did not disappoint. This one was super sparkly and very fitting for its designated home.

So even though Miles and I did not go inside the store on this particular outing, I myself have been a frequent shopper at this location, including one memorable trip the day after Thanksgiving when I was at work and only had a half an hour for lunch but HAD to have all of the Incubus catalog on vinyl which had just been re-released at certain record store locations across the country. So I left the office, drove to Vintage Vinyl, snatched up everything Incubus I could find, and made it back in just enough time to thank my lucky stars that I work so close to one of the chosen few stores that was selling those records before returning to work. That was a pretty good day, and it was made entirely possible by the guys at Vintage Vinyl.


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