Put a Little Moon in Your Rise and Shine – Moonrise Hotel #109


Cake #109 at the Moonrise Hotel 

Just like a lot of great nights out, this particular cake-venture ended with a trip to the Delmar Loop. In 2014, the year of the Great Cake Hunt, the streets of the Loop were absolutely flooded with cakes from the University City Lion Gates when you first enter the Loop to the Regional Arts Commission almost at the end of the street. Plus the first ever intentional cake hunt that Miles and I embarked upon took place on a cold winter’s night in the Loop.

But since the cake-putter-outer people decided to place the cakes in increments instead of all at once, Miles and I found ourselves once again in the Loop looking for cakes we hadn’t seen. The first of these on this excursion was at the Moonrise Hotel, which let me tell you, is a pretty stellar place.


Cake #109 at the Moonrise Hotel 

The Moonrise Hotel was opened in 2009 by a man named Joe Edwards who wanted to revive the Delmar Loop and bring in more colorful and exciting attractions for visitors. As part of this, he decked out the Moonrise Hotel with a lunar theme and created specialty rooms that are described as “quirky,” and much like the Cheshire Hotel, revolve around a theme, which in the case of the Moonrise Hotel, is famous St. Louisans from Josephine Baker to Tennessee Williams.


The Moonrise Hotel 

Inside the Moonrise Hotel is the modern American restaurant Eclipse and of course, the famous Rooftop Terrace Bar which seems like a great place to imbibe some liquid courage to confront your fear of heights. And you can’t miss the fantastically enormous sculpture of the moon at the top of the hotel which when seen at night rivals the actual moon itself in terms of awesomeness.


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