Don’t Be a Fool, Stay in School – The College School #107

2014-05-17 16.07.20

Cake #107 at The College School

After Miles and I put some distance between ourselves and the Stage 5 Clinger we encountered at the Shrewsbury MetroLink Station, we headed to The College School in Webster Groves, and I have to say, this place was pretty neat for a number of reasons. The first of these was immediately evident as soon as we rolled up to the cake, which was right in front of the parking lot. And what was that awesome thing, you may ask? Well it was a super duper neat-o sign that was standing right next to the cake explaining the significance of that location. Hold up! What? That’s right! So instead of having to wonder why this lovely location was chosen as a cake home, it was all right there in blue and white! Perfection! 🙂

2014-05-17 16.07.05And what did this glorious sign tell me about the location? Well, you can enlarge the picture of it that I took on the trip or you can read this quick summary: Basically The College School is a private, independent Pre-K through 8th grade school that values out of the box thinking when it comes to education. So even though the main campus for the school is in Webster Groves, where the cake was placed, they regularly take field trips to St. Louis landmarks, educational centers and sometimes even just take some time to explore nature to expand the educational experiences of the students. Seriously sounds pretty legit to me.

So not only was this location highly rated by me for its usage of an informative sign, but I also give it props for promoting the value of education. I also learned, after some additional research, that The College School was actually founded as a branch of Webster University in 1963. Since then The College School’s curriculum and buildings have increased as more and more educators have come to the school and expanded its horizons.

Plus any cake location that is free of distractions and others who do not appreciate the cake-hunting life, is a win in my book. And how could you not love the cake’s sweet brick pattern? Definitely one of the more memorable stops in my book.


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