Cake Hunting at My Almost Mater – Webster University #103


Cake #103 at Webster University 

The next cake on our list for the day was at a location that I am very familiar with – Webster University in Webster Groves. At present, two years after this cake hunt, I pass the university once a month when I’m on my way to The Novel Neighbor for a glorious book club which Mama Monster and I partake in. But back in 2014, Webster was a place I was happy to revisit as I had seriously looked into attending the university for my Masters degree. While I eventually ended up at another cake location for that degree (oh, Lindenwood University, you little sketchball), it was still nice to reminisce on the grounds of what very well could have been a part of my educational history.

However the history of the university itself is pretty interesting in its own right. Webster University was originally called Loretto College after the Sisters of Loretto who founded the institution on November 1st, 1915. The Sisters had a dream to help those who might not otherwise have the opportunity receive higher education.


Cake #103 at Webster University

Loretto College started out as a women’s college becoming, in fact, one of the first all-women Catholic colleges west of the Mississippi. In 1924 the school changed its name to Webster College, eventually settling on Webster University in 1983.

Through the years the university continued to grow, eventually broadening its horizons by allowing the first two male students to enroll in classes in 1962. As the school grew so did its academic offerings and eventually its campuses as the university now has grown to include campuses in Thailand, England, Switzerland, and Austria among others.

Plus in addition to Webster University being my almost mater, it is real life Mercutio Krispytreat’s future mater! As we speak Mercutio is hard at work on his MBA (*wild applause!*), and is very glad, I’m sure, that the university decided all those years ago to allow gentlemen like himself to study there too.


Cake #103 at Webster University 


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