Sap-Sap-Sap-Sappington! – Thomas Sappington House #102


So do you ever just feel a little crazy? A little off the rails, so to speak? Well for some reason, when planning this post, for no logical reason, all that kept coming to mind was the gloriously insane character from Disney’s The Sword in the Stone – Madam Mim. In particular what kept playing in my head was her chant to a young Arthur, who happened to be a bird at this point in the movie, (usual Disney stuff, you know) about being insane, giving herself the title of the Mad-Mad-Mad-Madam Mim. Here the clip, if you wanna refresh your memory or just enjoy a little taste of what goes on in my mind sometimes.


Anyway like I said that has literally nothing to do with Cake #102 at the Thomas Sappington House other than the fact that Thomas’ last name fits the same rhyme scheme as Madam Mim’s, and the cake at that location happened to be the second cake on our adventure, so here we are. IMG_2437

IMG_2431The Thomas Sappington House is located in Crestwood just a little hop over from the Kirkwood Train Station. The Sappingtons moved to the area just after the Louisiana Purchase and built several homes around town. Of those homes, this is the only one that has been preserved and is open to the public. Built in the early 1800s the Thomas Sappington House is supposedly the oldest brick house in St. Louis County – pretty impressive stuff! IMG_2435


Also on the property, which is gorgeous to walk around, and which Miles and I took full advantage of, is the Library of Americana and Decorative Arts which showcases a unique piece of American history and the decorative arts. There is also a cute little restaurant on the property called The Barn which I recently dined at with a fellow – though currently not written about/given a cool name yet – cake hunter. And I will say, the food there was delicious!


Cake #102 at the Thomas Sappington House

The Thomas Sappington House is also adjacent to Grant’s Trail (which also got a cake of its own, but more on that later!) which you can sort of see behind the cake in the picture above.

And while I think that having the trail so close to this historic landmark is a great idea and most certainly has brought interested bike riders and walkers to the House and restaurant, on that beautiful day when Miles and I were cake hunting, the trail provided more than a few distractions for a curious little pug who just wants to say hello to everyone who passes by.



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