Cake Hunting at the Drive-In – Skyview Drive-In #98


Cake #98 at Skyview Drive-In

So we’ve all been to a movie theater once or twice to catch a quick flick, right? But what about if you moved that experience from inside the theater to outside under the night sky where you can share popcorn with your friends inside the comfort of your car? Well such a place exists just a little ways away in Belleville, IL at the Skyview Drive-In movie theater – the only remaining drive-in movie theater in the St. Louis area.

Skyview had its grand opening on July 8th, 1949 and not even a tornado in 1955 and a windstorm in 1981 could stop the show. Over the years, the drive-in has expanded as technology has created bigger and better ways to view movies. Interestingly enough the supporting structure of the drive-in used to be painted pink, but after it was rebuilt in the 80s the color was lost in favor of the current light blue.


Cake #98 at Skyview Drive-In

The Skyview does still show movies, but when Mama Monster and I visited the theater it was pretty deserted. It was a strange thing to drive through the parking lot of a drive-in when no other cars are around, only the speaker stands and the painted lines telling you where to park. But as we came around to the back of the massive screen, the cake was just sitting there waiting for us to arrive, and I have to say that it was pretty incredible to be standing behind such a huge screen thinking about all of the years of movie magic it has provided.


Cake #98 at Skyview Drive-In

And even though I’m not quite sure what a bunch of cars and checkered patterns have to do with a drive-in theater, Skyview definitely made the list of places to check out a second time.


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