Four Score and Several Cakes Ago – Victorian Home Museum #97


Victorian Home Museum 

Even though we scurried away from the Emma Kunz House in a hurry after spying the mannequin twins in the neighboring yard, my heart barely had time to slow down before we arrived at the next cake on our list at the Victorian Home Museum.


Cake #97 at the Victorian Home Museum 

Another Belleville, IL historical site worth seeing, the Victorian Home Museum is the home and headquarters for the St. Clair County Historical Society, which has had a hand in saving and renovating IL area landmarks such as the Emma Kunz House.

But before the St. Clair Historical Society turned the location into a museum, the building was actually a house built in 1866 for Morris Dobschutz. And today it still retains the essence of what life was like for wealthy homeowners in the Victoria era with several rooms including a few bedrooms, a parlor and a library with furniture and (I’m sure) mannequins displaying clothing from that time period.


Cake #97 at the Victorian Home Museum

However what I found to be the most interesting piece of the collection located in this museum, which unfortunately was not open when we visited (such a common theme during this cake hunt!) was a balcony from which Abraham Lincoln spoke when he gave a speech in Belleville in 1856. Now that alone would have been worth seeing…although I’m sure that there was a replica Abraham Lincoln mannequin just waiting to join the troupe in my nightmares, so…

And as far as the cake for this location goes, thankfully it was placed outside so we could memorialize it on film, but unfortunately it was behind a little fence on a small hill beside the museum, and there didn’t seem to be a great way to get to it. So I did the only rational thing I could think of…and climb the small fence surrounding it to trespass on museum property in order to make sure future generations could be impressed with my cake hunting skills! All in a day’s work for a Cake Monster 🙂


Cake #97 at the Victorian Home Museum 


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