They Tried to Pave Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot – Emma Kunz House #96


IMG_2392By this point in the cake hunting adventure, Mama Monster and I had seen restaurants, Mounds, ketchup bottles, planes, a farm and now we were face to face with something we hadn’t yet seen: a historical house – the Emma Kunz House to be precise.

Located in Belleville, IL the Emma Kunz House is named for the woman who occupied the house for the longest span of time, which in Emma’s case was 77 years. The house itself was built in 1851 in what is called Greek Revival Style which was brought into the area and made popular by German immigrants as they moved west. This type of home contained a small or minimal front yard in order to accommodate a large garden in the back.


Cake #96 at the Emma Kunz House

Interestingly enough the current location of the Emma Kunz House is its second home. It was originally built in downtown Belleville, but in the 1970s there were talks of destroying the house to build a parking lot. At that point, the St. Clair Historical Society stepped in and moved the entire house to its present location where it was converted into a museum in 1978.

The museum was not open for business when Mama Monster and I stopped by to see the cake – at least not as far as we could tell. But we did take the opportunity to walk around the house and peek in as many windows as we could see into on tip-toe, which, truth be told, wasn’t many.

But as we rounded the side of the house from the backyard, I began to get that strange feeling I often get when I sense something is amiss in the area. And lo and behold, I look to my right, and what do I see? Two sketchy mannequin types looking at me!!

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So that happened, and at this point in the day, I can’t say I was surprised, but despite that unfortunate sighting, the house and the cake itself were fantastic to look at and admire in the warm afternoon sun. And without even realizing it at the time, Mama Monster had captured on film what would become the new masthead for this very blog – pretty solid adventure in my book!


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