Great Scott! Those Planes Are Huge! – Scott Field Heritage Air Park #94

2014-05-10 15.34.13

Cake #94 at the Scott Field Heritage Air Park 

With four cakes already behind us – two in Missouri and two in Illinois – it was time to break the tie and head out to Scott Air Force Base in IL for the fifth cake of the day at the Scott Field Heritage Air Park.

Now I will admit that I was a little apprehensive about driving on the Air Force Base, especially because the only direction I had from the official cake hunting list on the cake’s location was that it was somewhere on the base. Right. Not sketchy at all. And although up to this point in my cake hunting travels, I have pulled some pretty wicked sweet driving moves, I felt like maybe the Air Force Base was not the best place to exercise my sketch driving muscles.

Thankfully as soon as we got closer to the Base, there were signs pointing toward the Heritage Air Park, and soon enough Cake #94 was before us as well as several humongous airplanes.

2014-05-10 15.34.47

Cake #94 at the Scott Field Heritage Air Park

Prior to this cake sighting, I knew pretty much nothing about Air Parks, but after reading about them, I learned that they essentially serve as open air museums for retired aircraft that were integral in the Base’s history. This particular Air Park was built in 2008 and showcases five retired planes.

You are able to walk right up to these five planes, but since I was still reeling from the one-two punch of the mannequin museum and then the beastly climb up Cahokia Mounds, we saved that portion of the visit for another day.

And I will say, as an insider to the world of cake hunting, the cake at this location was originally right up next to the plane you see in the background of the photos, but it had already been moved closer to the parking lot by the time we got to see it. And for me, being able to stand in the parking lot and take in both the cake and the plane in the distance is way cooler than being right up against the side of the plane trying to take a selfie when your arm is only so long. So despite some votes to the contrary, I think this secondary location was pretty extraordinary. Plus who doesn’t want a sweet picture of themselves with the wind blowing in their hair, leaning on a cake in the foreground and a plane in the back?

2014-05-10 15.34.26

Cake #94 at Scott Field Heritage Air Park 


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