Family, Friends and Frozen Fishbowls – Rigazzi’s #91

2014-05-10 13.17.20

Cake #91 at Rigazzi’s

It’s always a beautiful thing when you can literally walk down the street from one cake to another. And that was exactly the case with Cake #91 at Rigazzi’s which is just a short walk (or drive) down the street from Cake #90 at Amighetti’s.

The name Rigazzi is actually a mash up of the last names of the two original owners – Lou Aiazzi and John Riganti – who opened the restaurant in 1957. The mash up was pretty genius on its own, but the decision to use it as the restaurant’s name was further solidified by the fact that the Italian word ‘ragazzi,’ loosely translates to mean ‘friends’. *Perfect*

The partnership between Lou and John ended about a decade into the restaurant’s history, but the spirit they had wanted to cultivate of friendship and good times still continues on. And true to Lou’s way of doing things, they still serve crazy large portions of each of their signature Northern Italian and American dishes. Plus, they have a one of a kind glorious situation going on over there with their famous Frozen Fishbowls. These frozen 32 ounce glasses can hold just about any drink of your choice, but what I didn’t know was that they were modeled after the ice cream dishes used during the 1904 World’s Fair.

2014-05-10 13.18.34

Cake #91 at Rigazzi’s 

Sometimes the scope of the history in this city just amazes me – plus, let’s be real, what kind of ice cream consumption was going on back in 1904?? Thirty-two ounces of ice cream at a time? Sounds like brain freeze city to me!

So even though we didn’t stop in for a Frozen Fishbowl, Mama Monster and Cake Monster still stopped for a picture with this cake right underneath a miniature arch which definitely made this one of the more memorable cake locations.


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