When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie That’s…a Cake Hunt! – The Hill #90

2014-05-10 12.27.22

Cake #90 on The Hill

As a Cake Monster, I always get a thrill from planning quick little cake hunting adventures that take place after work, or usually, when Mercutio is least expecting it. But the absolute best time for cake hunting is on the weekend, especially Saturday. All week I could take my time and put together my cake hunting plan for Saturday, which allowed plenty of time for mapping and charting – very scientific stuff! 😉  And while a lot of my Saturday cake hunts tended to be spent as a duo with Miles James, on this particular Saturday Mama Monster agreed to enjoy the excitement of a Saturday cake hunt with me.

By this point in my cake hunting agenda, I knew that I needed to branch out of the city – and even the state – and start seeing some of the cakes that were a little farther away. So I drew up a beautiful plan for our Saturday cake-venture and decided the best place to start was with a good meal not so far from home at Amighetti’s, or as the cake hunting list more generally calls the location of this cake – The Hill.

2014-05-10 12.28.17

Cake #90 on The Hill 

Amighetti’s and I go way back, I mean, WAY back to before I was even born. When Mama Monster was pregnant with this Cake Monster she used to get cravings for the world famous Amighetti Special, which is easily the best sandwich in St. Louis – and take it from this vegetarian, that is saying something!

So after Mama Monster feasted on her Amighetti Special, and I feasted on cheese ravioli, we shimmied around to the side of the building to take our first pictures of the day with the cake on the Hill.

2014-05-10 12.27.10

Cake #90 on The Hill

The Hill is so named because it is close to the actual highest point in St. Louis, which interestingly enough, was called The St. Louis Hill.  The area that is known as the Hill today – between Manchester, Columbia and Southwest Aves, South Kingshighway and Hampton – was mainly settled by Italian immigrants in the late 19th century. The immigrants were attracted to the area because of the growing need for workers in nearby plants that were harvesting and utilizing clay deposits found in the area. These immigrants brought their culture (and delicious food!) to the area and cultivated it into the wonderful place it is today.

The Hill holds lots of memories for this Cake Monster, and for Mama Monster as well, so it was the perfect place to begin a Saturday cake hunt. And as luck, and good planning, would have it, the second cake on our list was just next door.


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