You Know We’re Gonna Have to Crash This Wedding Right? – Tower Grove Park #88


2014-05-09 19.12.29Tower Grove Park is absolutely beautiful. With numerous tree lined trails, ponds and sculptures to admire, it’s definitely worth spending a few hours getting lost in.


Mercutio approves! Festival of Nations 2015

Even before this cake trip, Mercutio Krispytreats and I had spent many an afternoon wandering the trails, taking pictures of interesting looking trees like the one above, and celebrating the diversity of the city during the Festival of Nations held each late summer/early fall in the park (they sell coconut water from actual coconuts – you have to try it!).

Tower Grove Park was given to the city of St. Louis as a gift from Henry Shaw in 1868. Currently the park is 289 acres and is the second largest park in St. Louis complete with a playground, wading pool, tennis courts and birding (you like birds? They got plenty of them over there!).

2014-05-09 19.04.14

Cake #88 at Tower Grove Park

But on the afternoon when Mercutio and I set out to find this cake, we ran into an unexpected obstacle of friendship-building proportions.

According to the master list of cakes, the Tower Grove cake was located outside of the Piper Palm House, which, quick history lesson, is the oldest standing greenhouse west of the Mississippi and was/is used to house the park’s palm trees that were on display during the summer and needed a refuge from the cold weather in the winter.

Anyway, apparently the Piper Palm House is a pretty sweet location for all kinds of special occasions, including, for example, a wedding, which was exactly what Mercutio and I ran into after we had parked the car and had romped joyfully through the park (ok, I did most of the romping, but it’s just so beautiful there!).

2014-05-09 19.04.40

Cake #88 at Tower Grove Park 

So as we neared the cake, we could see that the area around the Piper Palm House was sectioned off for some private event. Looking around at the people standing within the special section, we could tell right away this was a wedding party, and with a knowing look and a quick confirmation (“You know we have to crash this wedding, right?”) we hopped over the rope and stood in front of the cake. Sadly, even the most inquisitive wedding goers simply looked our way and shrugged our behavior off as if it was perfectly normal – not that I wanted something sketchy to happen, but I mean, come on, this situation ranked very high on the sketch-o-meter!


2014-05-09 19.05.14

I love when the top of the cake has sparkles! 

But we had another cake still to see that day, so we admired the cake, looked around to see if we could spy the bride to wish her well and then took the long way back to the car to soak in a little bit more time at an amazing St. Louis park.




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