This Is Where They Go Hardcore and There’s Glitter on the Floor – The Grove #87

2014-04-26 20.59.14

Cake #87 on the Grove

Once I knew that I could successfully coordinate and execute a Conference-time cake hunt, I was excited to plan another adventure as soon as possible. So when Mercutio came to ask me if I was interested in going to see his cousin’s band at The Gramophone in the Grove, I was more than happy to agree, especially because a beautiful, glittery cake just *happened* to be right down the road.

While every cake location has its own unique history, this cake came with its own story. When Mercutio and I first saw this cake that night in April, it was out in front of the LGBT Center – a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering education, resources and a safe place for those in the LGBT community and their allies.

However as 2014 progressed, sadly, the LGBT Center closed and the cake location was changed to represent the Grove as a St. Louis destination instead.


 A restaurant on the Grove that this Cake Monster highly recommends! 

The Grove is the name given to the business district in the city of St. Louis that runs along Manchester between Kingshighway and Vandeventer. It was originally called Adam’s Grove in the 1850s when it was full of thriving commercial businesses. From then the vitality of the Grove ebbed due to financial hardships, but in recent years, there has been a community effort to reinstate the awesomeness of that area including a re-branding of the street by shortening it to just The Grove.

All along Manchester there are tons of restaurants, music venues, shops and nightclubs, which Mercutio and I are definite supporters of!

2014-04-26 21.00.53

Cake #87 on the Grove 


So when the night of the show arrived, Mercutio and I traveled to the Grove, said our quick hellos to the band and then literally ran the few blocks down the street to the cake to try and snap a few pictures on the waning battery life of my phone before the show started. And even though our cake selfie is super dark because we didn’t have a flash, it was kind of perfect because almost every night we’ve spent out on the Grove has included just a little bit of sketchiness in some way, which is exactly my idea of a good time!

On the left is a picture of Mercutio and I already out on the Grove and obviously enjoying our evening, and on the right is a picture of Waltrice Disneta and I before heading out for yet another epic night out on the Grove.


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