Up Until Now Cake Hunting Has Been Ruth-Less…Get It? – Ruth Porter Park on the St. Vincent Greenway #84

2014-04-19 16.21.22

Cake #84 at Ruth Porter Park

The next cake on our list was on the opposite end of Delmar from the University City Lion Gates at Ruth Porter Park which is part of the St. Vincent Greenway.

Previously I had seen a few cakes on the greenway at the Ashley Street Power House, the Trailhead in Jefferson Barracks Park, and the Centennial Greenway at the Katy Trail, so I was familiar with the project which was designed to connect all different parts of the state through bike and walking trails. I was happy to see part of the project extended to Delmar, an area I am familiar with, even though I had never taken advantage of this particular park.

2014-04-19 16.21.50

Cake #84 at Ruth Porter Park

The park itself is named for Ruth Porter (1915-1967), a civil rights activist and pretty amazing lady. She worked tirelessly for several causes, and in 1958 won an award for her work in promoting racial understanding from the National Conference for Christians and Jews. In 1961 she helped found the Greater St. Louis Committee for Freedom of Residence, a group created to break down housing restrictions and integrate housing in St. Louis. And in 1965 she was celebrated as the most outstanding woman of the year by the NAACP.

It was a gorgeous day when Miles James and I visited the cake, but we were on a cake hunting mission, so we didn’t have time to really check it out. But I’d love to go back and explore the park a little more, especially if they still have the cake up because get a load of the top of this cake – probably the most terrifying and beautifully sketchy thing I have ever seen…it kind of reminds me of cake hunting!


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