Cake Monster Gets a Sweet Idea – Sweetology #81

Cake #81 at Sweetology

Cake #81 at Sweetology

You would think that after the cake hunting adventure of the century that I had just completed with Mercutio Krispytreats (17 cakes!), this Cake Monster would take a few days to rest and recuperate…but instead, the very next day Mr. Miles James and I set out on our own smaller, but still formidable cake adventure (I am a Cake Monster after all!).

Cake #81 at Sweetology

Cake #81 at Sweetology

The first cake of this adventure was at Sweetology in Ladue, which interestingly enough, when we visited the cake, was not even open for business yet…very curious! But it is supposed to be a pretty sweet place ( šŸ˜‰ ). Sweetology is not only a place to stop in and try their sweet treats – they also offer workshops and classes where you can bake and decorate your own treats! Delish!!

And in addition to being the first cake of the day, as well as the first cake I had run across that was marking the location of something that hadn’t even been created yet – Sweetology didn’t open until 2015 – it was also at this cake that I was struck with glorious inspiration!

As I pulled up to the parking lot closest to the cake, there was already another cake hunter at the cake snapping pictures and admiring it, however, this cake hunter was not alone. She held under her arm the smallest, fluffiest puppy I had ever seen. When I noticed the pup, I figured he or she was just along for the ride, but then the cake hunter did something that forever changed the way Miles and I saw cakes together – she placed the pup on top of the cake and snapped her fingers to get it to look at her camera.

Cake #81 at Sweetology

Cake #81 at Sweetology

Genius! Why didn’t I think of that? See at every cake that Miles and I had seen together, there had been a wrestling match for attention between him, me, the camera and all other passersby and exciting surroundings. Since the majority of the time I saw cakes with Miles it was just me and him, in one hand I had to hold his leash and sometimes a purse, and with the other hand try to get him to look at the camera in a cute, Miles-ey way for a picture which sometimes took three or four (or more) shots as cars and strangers passing by would distract him or me or both of us. But to put the pup on top of the cake! Where he has nowhere to go and nowhere to look but at you – so smart!

As the story goes, however, although I was awe struck by this solution, I did not implement it until several cakes later as I was afraid that Miles, being a little bit bigger than the fluffy one at Sweetology, would hurt the cake in some way (sorry, Miles James!).

But with the seed of this new idea planted in my mind, and the first cake of the day seen and photographed, we moved on to the next location!


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