It’s Not Always a Soft Landing at Laclede’s – Laclede’s Landing #77

Cake #77 at Laclede's Landing

Cake #77 at Laclede’s Landing

Cake #77 at Laclede's Landing

Cake #77 at Laclede’s Landing

Cake #77 at Laclede’s Landing in downtown St. Louis was an interesting stop on our cake-journey for a number of reasons. First, and most exciting, this was the only cake that was actually suspended in the air! What??!! Maybe the cake artist wanted his or her cake to be seen from a different perspective, maybe the cake planning people were worried that having the cake on the ground in such a busy spot would leave it susceptible to vandalism, maybe someone with a sweet pulley system got bored one day. Whatever the reason, this cake will always stand out as the most uniquely displayed (and hardest to get a selfie with…yay teamwork!).

Cake #77 at Laclede's Landing

Cake #77 at Laclede’s Landing

Second, the history of Laclede’s Landing is pretty interesting if you’re into that kind of thing, which, of course, I totally am. It goes all the way back to the winter of 1763 when a French fur trader named Pierre Laclede Liguest (…interesting name…) set out with a then 14 year old Auguste Chouteau (…also interesting name…) to find a quality trading post. They claimed the area that would become Laclede’s Landing but had to wait until early 1764 when the area was a little more thawed out from the winter to establish a trading post, and just like that, Laclede’s Landing was open for business.


               Cheers to Laclede!

Third, in recent years, Laclede’s Landing has become a hot spot for all kinds of restaurants, museums (yes, sad to say there is even a wax museum, which I have never and will never step inside) and night clubs. And over the years of our friendship, Mercutio Krispytreats and I have spent many a night (and sometimes even an early morning) down on the Landing, paying homage to the great men who discovered this incredible location, of course.

Cheers to Chouteau!

                     Cheers to Chouteau!


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