This Place Is Really Keen – Kiener Plaza #76


wpid-wp-1445469139305.jpgJust a short walk from the cake at Citygarden, was Cake #76 at Kiener Plaza. It was a beautiful day for cake hunting, and so Mercutio and I slowly made our way across the park, through a little amphitheater and around a fountain to the cake waiting on the other side.

Cake #76 at Kiener Plaza

Cake #76 at Kiener Plaza

I have driven past this part of downtown St. Louis dozens of times but had never realized that this particular little area had a name and some history behind it.

The Plaza is named for Harry J Kiener who was a wrestler, amateur boxer, swimmer, and most notably a part of the St. Louis track team that competed in the Olympics held at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904.

wpid-wp-1445469154375.jpgYou may be familiar with the statue (“The Runner”) that’s in the middle of the fountain at the center of the Plaza. This statue was created in Kiener’s honor, and when Mercutio and I saw it, the statue was even more eye catching because the fountain was all decked out with incredibly beautiful blue dyed water…and the statue was a safe enough distance away from the edges of the fountain that I felt comfortable getting relatively close to it, even though it technically qualifies as a mannequin.

Cake #76 at Kiener Plaza

Cake #76 at Kiener Plaza

When Mercutio and I saw the cake in April 2014, the area directly behind it was mostly dirt and not very exciting to look at, but since then, I learned that every year a city beautification group called Gateway Greening pick a theme for the area around where the cake was placed to represent some part of St. Louis. The theme for 2014 was St. Louis’ 250th birthday and was supposed to reflect the colors in St. Louis’ flag.


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