Here There Be Dinosaurs – Lammert Building #73

Cake #73 at the Lammert Building

Cake #73 at the Lammert Building

The next stop on our cake-venture that day was at the Lammert Building in downtown St. Louis. Up until the time of our cake hunt, I knew exactly nothing about this building, but after doing some research, and learning more about the current inhabitant of the building, I was able to see just why this location had been chosen as a cake home.

The Lammert Building became an official (like with paperwork and a ribbon cutting ceremony, I bet!) St. Louis landmark in 1979, but the history of the building reaches back to 1898 when the building was first constructed. It was designed by a St. Louis architect in an Americanized French Renaissance Revival style…which seems legit?

Cake #73 at the Lammert Building

Cake #73 at the Lammert Building

After being home to a dry goods company, the building was bought by the Lammert Furniture Company that specialized in selling…you guessed it!…furniture – some pretty impressive furniture too because the name stuck to the building even after the company closed in 1973.

HOWEVER my personal favorite part of the story comes in 2013 when an organization called T-REX bought the building to expand their mission. In addition to the utterly fantastic name, the company had the brilliant idea of creating a space for St. Louis startups, and other fledgling entrepreneurs, to utilize as they work their way to stability. *St. Louisans helping St. Louisans for the win!*

Get your arms T-Rex-in'!

                Get your arms T-Rex-in’!

Plus! the T-Rex is by far my favorite dinosaur. With its fierce exterior and impressive teeth, but tiny arms and the numerous daily struggles that I’m sure came with that lot in life, I feel as if I can relate. So, for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this photo taken in late 2014 on this Cake Monster’s birthday when Mercutio and myself did our best T-Rex arms in homage to the magnificent beast!


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