What Better Way to Memorialize a Memorial Than with a Cake? – Soldiers Memorial #68


IMG_2330Even though this Cake Monster has lived in St. Louis her whole life, there are still places I’ve heard of and probably driven by but never knew much about. Luckily for me, and oftentimes Mercutio, my cake journeys have brought me up close and personal with many such locations including Soldiers Memorial.

Cake #68 at Soldiers Memorial

Cake #68 at Soldiers Memorial

Over the years I’ve heard of concerts on the steps of Soldiers Memorial and even used it as a reference point for parades I’ve watched downtown (yay free beads and candy!), but until the day Mercutio and I threw some change in a parking meter and crossed several lanes of traffic to see the cake, I didn’t know much about the location.

Back of the cake

Back of the cake

The cake itself was immediately eye catching as it was a striking bright blue contrasted with stark white “icing.” But the most intriguing feature was a giant ribbon looped around the front of the cake and draped and tied at the back. This ribbon served to not only add to the overall look of the cake, but also as a lure into the memorial itself.

Soldiers Memorial was dedicated on Memorial Day 1938 to honor both the service and the sacrifice of those St. Louisans in the military, those who are veterans and their families.

wpid-wp-1438290363507.jpegOutside the entrances to the memorial are four massive limestone figures – two at one entrance and two at the other – each representing a different virtue: Courage, Vision, Loyalty and Sacrifice.

These figures give way to a black granite Cenotaph, or empty tomb, inscribed with the names of soldiers and nurses who lost their lives in World War I.

You can see the Cenotaph behind the cake in Mercutio's picture

You can see the Cenotaph behind the cake in Mercutio’s picture

Gold Star Mother Mosaic Ceiling

Gold Star Mother Mosaic Ceiling

Directly above the Cenotaph on the ceiling is a red tiled mosaic called the Gold Star Mother Mosaic Ceiling. Fitted into the design of the ceiling is one large gold star dedicated to the mothers of St. Louisans who died in war.

Cake #68 at Soldiers Memorial

Cake #68 at Soldiers Memorial

Mercutio and I spent a lot of time inspecting the various parts of the Memorial and taking it all in. And even though we walked down the steps of Soldiers Memorial with a little more knowledge of the buildings of downtown St. Louis and a lot of respect for those who have served our country, as soon as we got back to the car, we found out that we are kind of bad at calculating how much time to put on the meter, and so we thanked our lucky stars that we were able to pull away from our now flashing red meter without a run-in with the meter fairy!


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