This Cake Hunt’s So Bright…I Should’ve Worn Shades – Scottrade Center #66


After the unexpected mannequin surprise that almost overshadowed the cake experience at the Compton Hill Water Tower, it was nice to spend a little time in the car catching my breath and thinking positive thoughts on the way to the third cake of the day at the Scottrade Center.

Cake #66 at the Scottrade Center

Cake #66 at the Scottrade Center

The Scottrade Center – formerly the Kiel Center – opened in 1994 and is the home of the St. Louis Blues. The Center also hosts other events and concerts and amazingly can seat about 20,000 people.

Sadly I have not had the opportunity to experience any event (Blues game or concert wise) at the Scottrade Center. And with all the cakes on our list and the fact that I’m still shaky on parking rules downtown (and just in general), Mercutio and I didn’t really have time to enjoy it either as I just pulled up to the front of the  building, found a small inlet that looked like maybe a car could fit into, and we jumped out to snap our customary pictures.

Cake #66 at the Scottrade Center

Cake #66 at the Scottrade Center and my eyes’ first battle against the sun

Plus as if this wasn’t already an exciting enough trip with the huge amount of cakes we were to discover, and the introduction of the accidental Mercutio selfie, it was also an exciting day for me as I learned the hard way that sunglasses are an absolute necessity when cake hunting midday. You can already start to see the intense squint I had to adopt that day as I was to fully experience the retina burning rays of the sun in all it’s late spring, early afternoon glory. Hooray?


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