A Grand Adventure – Jay International / South Grand #64


Even before Mercutio Krispytreats and I were cake hunters extraordinaire, it was a fact practically unsaid between us that if I was driving us somewhere, I almost always had one plan that I let Mercutio know about and then a secondary plan that would play itself out once the first adventure had begun that I didn’t tell him about.

So it was no surprise to Mercutio that when he got in the car for our cake hunting adventure and asked me where we were headed first, I just smiled and said, “You’ll see.”

Cake #64 at Jay International Foods

Cake #64 at Jay International Foods

The plan all along had been to grab some lunch at The Vine on South Grand and then begin our adventure. But when I realized that there was a cake on South Grand at Jay International Foods, I knew that before sitting down for some delicious food, we would instead begin our day by crossing a cake off our list-as all good cake adventuring days should begin, really.



With as frequently as Mercutio and I enjoy the food at The Vine, we’ve definitely passed Jay International Foods a few times, and we’ve even been inside once or twice to check out the mostly quality foods (yogurt soda?). But what we didn’t know was that Jay’s has the distinction of being the first grocery store in St. Louis to carry international foods – pretty impressive stuff!

Cake #64 at Jay International Foods

Cake #64 at Jay International Foods

So with the first cake of the day already admired and photographed, we walked across the street to enjoy a hearty lunch before the rest of our outing.

Plus not only was this to be the trip with the highest cake count to date (even though we didn’t know it yet), this was also the trip that began another tradition that lasted through many later cake hunting adventures – the accidental Mercutio selfie. Behold, the first in a sequence of unintentional photos taken by Mercutio of Mercutio that I “somehow forgot” to delete 🙂

2014-04-18 13.14.57


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