Take Me out to the Ballgame…Before the Cake’s Gone! – Busch Stadium #63


Nothing pleases this Cake Monster more than adding more cake hunters to my posse, and when those cake hunters also happen to be family members, and also happen to not be aware at first that they are on a cake hunt, it’s even more fun.

Cake #63 at Busch Stadium

Cake #63 at Busch Stadium

To set the scene, it was Cake Monster’s brother’s birthday (Brother Monster), and he decided that to celebrate, he wanted to go to Ballpark Village to look around and eat some delicious food. And if there is any thing this Cake Monster loves as much as cake hunting, it’s delicious food and family birthdays, so when Ballpark Village was brought up, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to combine my three loves (food, family and cakes..the real and plexiglass kind…).

Awkward family photos at Cake #63 featuring Papa Monster, Cake Monster and Brother Monster

Awkward family photos at Cake #63 featuring Papa Monster, Cake Monster and Brother Monster

So while there was external excitement over a birthday celebration and food, there was also a lot of internal excitement over the fact that we would be dining right next to the cake at Busch Stadium, and it just really made sense for us to see it after dinner, after all. And so once everyone was full of food and had the successful family birthday celebration glow about them, I nonchalantly brought up the cake only feet away, and thankfully everyone was on board to see it!

However it was a good thing we saw the cake when we did because only a few months afterwards, in August, the cake was taken down for the rest of the year.

"Front" of the cake

“Front” of the cake

I’ve read a few different articles on the official reason for taking it down, and they seem to differ a bit, but the one thing that remains consistent is that there was a dispute between the cake artist and the organizers of the Cakeway to the West that was not able to be resolved.

Regardless of this cake drama, and sadness for the cake hunters who never got to witness the cake in all its glory, I am super thankful that I did get to see it when I did and with my family no less.

"Back" of the cake

“Back” of the cake

Plus I can’t even count how many baseball games I’ve been to at Busch Stadium with my family. So seeing the cake with Papa Monster in particular reminded me of all the days we spent sitting in the highest seats at the very top of the stadium in the ridiculously hot St. Louis summer weather eating nachos with jalapenos (maybe not the best choice?)  and enjoying a baseball game together. *memories*


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