Springtime at the Seminary – Concordia Seminary #62

Cake #62 at Concordia Seminary

Cake #62 at Concordia Seminary

While epic, multi-location cake hunts will always hold a special place in my heart, sometimes it’s the short, single cake adventures that turn out to be the most beautiful. Plus after a historical journey into the past in St. Charles, Miles and I needed to center ourselves in the present and enjoy some scenic views.

So one day after work, Miles and I set out for Concordia Seminary in Clayton to see cake #62.

Cake #62 at Concordia Seminary

Cake #62 at Concordia Seminary

Celebrating 175 years since its founding in 1839, Concordia Seminary holds the title for being the second oldest Lutheran Seminary in the United States. Originally the seminary was located in Perry, MO, but in 1849 it moved to St. Louis with the present campus buildings being completed in 1926.

2014 was a big year for many St. Louis historical sites, but, sadly, even with as many advancements as we’ve made, poor pups like Miles James still aren’t allowed to put their four paws everywhere they want to visit. And so, especially when cake hunting on unfamiliar territory, Miles and I always have to have a back up plan in case we need to make a quick getaway because a cake location is not dog friendly. And let’s be real, a quick getaway in my case would probably be more like a weird little skip that would actually draw more attention to myself. :/

Cake #62 at Concordia Seminary

Miles on high alert

But, despite walking back to the car while keeping pace with a uniformed and badged up maintainer of the peace, we didn’t have any trouble checking out the cake and taking our time with the surrounding area which was really stunning in the glow of the setting sun.

Plus, although I cherish each cake memory I have, because this was a solo cake trip, this cake will always remind me of the perfect spring evening I spent with Miles cake adventuring and successfully avoiding any anti-dog situations.


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