History? More Like Her-Story – Lindenwood University #61

Cake #61 at Lindenwood University

Cake #61 at Lindenwood University

Finally, with aching feet and paws, a distinct rumbling in both our bellies, a phone that was about to die, and eight cakes under our figurative cake hunting belt, Miles and I pulled into a familiar parking lot to see the last cake of the day at my alma mater Lindenwood University.

It was only fitting for an adventure of such historic proportions to end at a place that has both real and personal historical value for me.

The real history is pretty impressive – Lindenwood is the 2nd oldest school of higher-education west of the Mississippi River. It was originally founded in 1827 by George and Mary Easton Sibley – a pretty recognizable name around campus.

Cake Monster and friends  circa 2006

Cake Monster and friends circa 2006

And the personal history is not too shabby either. I attended Lindenwood University during my junior year of college and then again while I completed my Master’s of Fine Arts. During both stays on LU’s campus, I was also involved with the university’s Writing Center – first as a consultant and then as a grad student.

Cake Monster getting her Master's circa 2010

Cake Monster getting her Master’s circa 2010

I definitely had some real adventures back then both at the Writing Center and through the opportunities I had (study aboard in Peru, for the win!), so getting to end our historical cake hunting journey at LU’s cake was extra special.

As the sun began to sink behind the clouds and several students started to loudly whisper about the cute dog on campus, Miles and I took one long look around to take in and savor the very last minutes of the historical trek we had just completed through St. Charles. And as we walked back to the car, all we could think about were the new adventures ahead us – specifically the delicious food that was to be consumed immediately upon arriving home.


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