Getting Historical With It – Fort Zumwalt Park #55

Cake #55 at Fort Zumwalt Park

Cake #55 at Fort Zumwalt Park

With visions of the delicious fruit and vegetables I saw at the Soulard Farmers Market still dancing through my mind, and a lingering sugar rush from the cupcakes I sampled at the Sweet Divine, I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon exploring some awesomely historical cake locations with Mr. Miles James. (And I guess I can almost admit getting up early sometimes does have it’s perks…)

Our first stop was at Fort Zumwalt Park in O’Fallon, MO, and I don’t say this often, but the cake placer people were pretty clever in their placement of this cake. Fort Zumwalt Park is huge, like enormous, with plenty of ways for this cake monster to get lost. And, of course, by this time in my cake hunting adventure, my trusty phone navigation system was beginning to fail me, so once we entered the Park, it pretty much told me I was at my destination and gave up on me.

So I took this as a sign and decided that I was meant to find this cake like the ancient settlers – with intuition and a blind, if perhaps ridiculous, faith that everything will just kind of work itself out.

Cake #55 at Fort Zumwalt Park

Cake #55 at Fort Zumwalt Park

As we drove around the Park, we did see some amazing architecture and later I learned that in around 1798 Jacob Zumwalt, a contemporary and kind of neighbor of Daniel Boone, settled his family into a large log cabin on the property now known as Fort Zumwalt Park. When the War of 1812 began, local families took shelter at his home which he fortified against attacks from Native Americans. They even used the large lake, Lake Whetsel, that’s still used for fishing and recreation today, for water.

So as I drove around the lake and other buildings, taking in the scenery and feeling historical, I finally came back around to the exit for the park and lo and behold, the lovely cake that we had set out to find. And so like the settlers of yore, Miles and I took a moment to admire our find, pausing only to rest a bit and gather our strength before looking to the horizon and continuing our adventure.


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