Cake Monster Tries to Get Haunted – Payne Gentry House #50

Cake #50 at the Payne Gentry House

Cake #50 at the Payne Gentry House

Ah, here we are at cake #50! It’s been a crazy journey so far to say the least, and with about 200 cakes to go, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all the sketchy things I’ve seen!

The cake that will forever have the honor of being #50 was at the Payne Gentry House in Bridgeton.

You may remember that the Payne Gentry House was a previous cake fail on an earlier cake-venture (read about it here). And even though it hadn’t been that long since Miles and I had experienced that cake-failure, we still decided to head out (or rather, I decided, and he can’t resist a car ride) to try to see this cake.

2014-04-08 18.37.30Now I knew a little bit about the Payne Gentry House before we began our adventure…mainly just the fact that it’s one of the most haunted locations in Missouri. And on a previous cake hunt when Mercutio and I had seen the cake at the Lemp Mansion – also known to be highly haunted – I made the declaration that of all the things I wanted to see over the course of my cake hunt, the thing I wanted to see the most was a ghost (dare to dream, right? It’s ok, Mercutio didn’t take my declaration seriously either).

So when I set out to see the cake at the Payne Gentry House, I was pretty excited to get to go to a second location where seeing a ghost was a possibility.

Back of the cake

Back of the cake

Ok, ghosts aside, let’s talk history: The Payne Gentry House is on the National Register of Historic Places which is a pretty big deal. Originally it was the summer home of Elbridge Payne and his family until they eventually moved into it full time. William Payne, Elbridge’s son, became the town doctor and had his office in the basement of the house. Personally I don’t know if I’d go to a Dr. Payne…but anyway…

Apparently some of William’s original tools and office furnishings are still in the house, which may contribute to the rumors that it is haunted.

Cake #50 at the Payne Gentry House

Cake #50 at the Payne Gentry House

But sadly, although Miles and I walked around the property a few times,and cautiously looked in a few windows – you have no idea how many times I’ve looked in historic buildings’ windows and seen a mannequin or two, so I only advise doing this with extreme caution! – we didn’t see any unusual activity or movements, but I did take lots of pictures just to be sure.

And even though it was a failed ghost hunt, it was still a successful cake hunt and the Payne Gentry House – as the 50th cake – could finally be crossed off the list!

Here's the sign in front of the house letting you know you're in the right place

Here’s the sign in front of the house letting you know you’re in the right place

This was in the yard?

This was in the yard?


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