United We Cake – United Hebrew Congregation #46

Cake #46 at the United Hebrew Congregation

Cake #46 at the United Hebrew Congregation

Most people spend their April Fool’s Day playing pranks on their loved ones and friends, but on April 1st, 2014, Miles and I went cake hunting.

On that day we only had one cake on our list as the weather was a lovely mix of rain and sleet and not ideal for cake hunting (or life really at that time of year). So we set off for the United Hebrew Congregation.

I’ll be honest when I say that at the time that Miles and I saw the cake, I had no idea the significance of the location or why it was chosen to be home to a cake. But after some research, I found out that the United Hebrew Congregation has some pretty interesting historical significance.

Over the congregation’s history, it has had many different locations. The first location was established in 1837 on the grounds where the Arch now stands – so crazy to think about the area where the Arch is located being something other than the Arch!

In 1841 the group took the name United Hebrew Congregation and became the first synagogue west of the Mississippi River.

The congregation moved around a little until settling in the 1920s in the building that is now the Missouri Historical Society. And as an added twist, the architecture firm that designed the building was none other than Maritz and Young (remember him?).

Cake #46 at the United Hebrew Congregation

Cake #46 at the United Hebrew Congregation

Finally in the late 1980s, the congregation moved to it’s current location in Chesterfield. Here they have a beautiful building as well as an artist-in-residence AND (this is pretty cool) the world’s first Torah scroll completely written by a woman scribe.

After learning all of this, I was more than impressed with just how connected this congregation is to so many pieces of St. Louis history. And the cake itself was pretty impressive as well. I absolutely love the eye on the bottom tier; it really jumps out at you and tells its own story.


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