Just When Miles Thought the Cake Hunt Was Over, He Found a Trail of Peanuts – #45 The Butterfly House

Cake #45 at the Butterfly House

Cake #45 at the Butterfly House

Cake #45 – almost a fifth of the way through my cake hunting adventure. Let’s take a moment and reflect on what cake hunting was like back then. At that time, the full list of where all the cakes were going to be placed was not yet released, so I was working from a partial list of less than a hundred cakes, with, at times, super questionable addresses and sketchy notes about where the cake could be found at that location.

I appreciated this list because it was bringing me adventure, but at the same time it made me a little sad/uneasy because I knew that there were bound to be places that would eventually have a cake that I had already visited or that I wanted to visit but decided to hold off on because I wanted to wait until they were officially ‘caked.’

However sometimes in these early stages of cake hunting, I would just get a feeling that because a museum or a location was so exciting and unique, it was going to be a cake location, even if it hadn’t been announced as a cake home yet.

wpid-wp-1426812079634.jpegSo one evening after work, Miles and I took a gamble and drove over to the Butterfly House in Faust Park because I JUST KNEW it was going to have a cake. And thankfully – and I don’t get to say this often –  I was right!!  2014-03-31 19.26.46

The Butterfly House opened in 1998 with the mission of promoting education and awareness of the natural habitats and life cycles of butterflies. Currently around 80 species of butterflies can be found inside the Butterfly House at any one time, which is pretty incredible to experience.

wpid-20150329_134731.jpgRecently my Mama and I were fortunate enough to visit the Butterfly House during one of their featured events called Morpho Mania. For this event, the Butterfly House was home to literally hundreds of blue morpho butterflies like the one pictured here. There were so many of these gorgeous butterflies flying around that it kind of felt like surreal dream right out of Alice in Wonderland. 🙂 (To see a short video of the morphos in action, click here to see my video on Instagram).

wpid-20150329_134833.jpgIn addition to exhibits like Morpho Mania, the Butterfly House, which is a division of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, hosts educational events, private events, concerts and is active in several organizations dedicated to insect conservation and study.

wpid-20150329_134027.jpgIf you haven’t been to the Butterfly House, I highly recommend it! wpid-20150329_132217.jpg

Miles was also a pretty big fan of the location as well because when we went there to see the cake, someone had left a mysterious trail of peanuts from the edge of the sidewalk leading all the way to the cake. And so he was more than happy to follow his own special trail of ‘clues’ leading right to the cake. One more cake crossed off the list for this cake monster, one sketchy trail of excitement for Miles James.

Peanut hunting

Peanut hunting

Proud peanut hunter

Proud peanut hunter


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