Just Milling Around – #44 Bevo Mill


wpid-wp-1426812038854.jpegWith all of our cake hunting done for the day,

Mercutio Krispytreats and I headed on our way.

Getting some dinner was the original plan,

But on the way there I saw something that made me shout, “Pull over, man!”

wpid-wp-1428018319326.jpegWhat I saw was the cake at the Bevo Mill,

And so Mercutio pulled over – he knew the drill.

The Mill itself was quite a sight to see,

But the history of the Mill is pretty impressive, believe me.

As the story goes, August A Busch, Sr. was inspired by Flemish architecture,

So he brought that kind of style to his new mill venture.

Cake #44 at Bevo Mill

Cake #44 at Bevo Mill

Construction started in 1915,

And by 1916 Bevo Mill was ready to be seen.

Originally the blades on the Mill were made of wood,

But, after a wood shattering storm, aluminium ones were put on for good.

But why this spot? You may ask after looking around,

Because it’s halfway between the brewery and Grant’s Farm – August Busch’s stomping grounds.

And how did this place get it’s great name?

A popular nonalcoholic beverage named Bevo is entirely to blame.

During Prohibition when patrons had empty glasses to fill

Bevo was the beverage of choice for visitors to the Mill.

wpid-wp-1428018328990.jpegSadly Bevo Mill doesn’t currently have a place to eat,

But the view from the outside is quite unique.

Because August Busch did something special when creating the Mill;

He built it up with stones he chose at will.

Big ones, little ones, and colorful ones too,

He took them from his home on Grants Farm for us to view.

So after Mercutio and I had admired the cake,

We decided getting food at The Vine was the best decision we could make.

So as we drove away with the cake in the rear view mirror,

I began to feel like I understood St. Louis’ history a little more clearer.


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