The Myth, The Legend – #43 Carondelet Park

Cake #43 at Carondelet Park

Cake #43 at Carondelet Park

Technically the last cake on our list for the day was right down the street from the Carondelet Historical Society at Carondelet Park.

Carondelet Park is the third biggest park in St. Louis which is definitely impressive. Included in the park are two lakes, a boathouse – where Mercutio and I stopped to watch some ducks play in the water – walking paths and even a rec center. Talk about a lot of space!

And to make the park even more impressive, it was dedicated on July 4th, 1876 on the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Yay history!

Top of the cake

Top of the cake

I can’t say for sure if that’s what the artist who designed and decorated the cake had in mind for the theme, but this cake was pretty fantastic to look at. With all the different bold colors and unique design, this cake was definitely one I enjoyed spending some time checking out.

Plus as I was researching the park to learn more about why it was chosen as home to a cake, I learned that from the time the city of Carondelet was founded, it held several names. Including a pretty interesting one I found out about on the City of St. Louis’ website, “In its early days it was referred to as Delor’s Village, and Vide Poche which means ’empty pocket.’ Judge Wilson Primm suggested this was due to the Carondelet citizens’ skill at gambling. They would send their Saint Louis neighbors home with empty pockets.” Pretty snazzy stuff, right?

Also, I’m not sure how I feel about this tidbit, especially because it came from Wikipedia, but, “According to resident historian Steven Strohmeyer, the park is home to the White Wall, a large concrete wall, white in color, where a local underground fight club met in the early 1980s.” All I have to say about that is apparently Steven Strohmeyer forgot the first rule of fight club…

No fight clubs were witnessed at the time of this picture.

No fight clubs were witnessed at the time of this picture.


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