Let’s Get Historical – Missouri Civil War Museum #40

Cake #40 at the Missouri Civil War Museum

Cake #40 at the Missouri Civil War Museum

After the surprise mannequin attack at the Mastodon State Historic Site, I needed a little time to calm down and return my breathing to normal. Luckily our next cake location was at Jefferson Barracks which was just far enough of a drive for me to have time to calm my frazzled nerves.

Jefferson Barracks was fortunate enough to be chosen as the home of three cakes.  The first one we saw was at the Missouri Civil War Museum.

The building that is now the museum was built in 1905 and called the Jefferson Barracks Post Exchange and Gymnasium Building (I really hope they had a cool acronym for that building because that is one long title). The building was originally used as a gym and activity center for soldiers.

During World War I it was used as a troops barracks. For World War II, the building again became a gym and activity center and eventually an overflow area for the nearby hospital. But it wasn’t until 2002 that the idea for turning the building into the Civil War Museum took hold.

wpid-wp-1425784819657.jpegThe funding for the museum was done entirely through individual and private donations, and the museum officially opened its doors in 2013. And according to the museum’s website, “The mission of the museum is not to debate nor to interpret the political ideologies of the causes of the war, but rather to pay homage to the historical figures of the era, without bias to either side.” I think this is an excellent stance for a museum to take.

Mercutio and I were not able to poke around the museum (cake hunting on a tight schedule!), but I do think it would be an interesting place to come back and check out.

So after a much needed lull in the day’s adventures, Mercutio and I soldiered on (get it?) to the next cake location just a short drive away.

PS If you want to learn more about the Missouri Civil War Museum, click here. That’s where I found all the cool information I posted above.

Cake #40 at the Missouri Civil War Museum

Cake #40 at the Missouri Civil War Museum


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