What Rhymes with Maritz? – Maritz Corporation #33

Cake #33 at Maritz

Cake #33 at Maritz

The next cake on our mother daughter adventure list

Was at a corporation that’d be pretty hard to miss.

With international locations, but a headquarters in our city,

For this place to have a cake was really only fitting.


So with our eyes wide and ready to spot the cake,

My mama and I made our trek across the state (ok, across town, just adding some dramatic effect 🙂 ).

And once we were within Fenton’s city limits,

The cake at the Maritz Corporation was found in just minutes.


What does Maritz do, you may find yourself wondering.

Well let me tell you – it’s a simply wonderful thing.

Maritz helps companies find ways to keep their employees around

With incentives and programs and even trips out of town.


It all began when the first Maritz man wpid-wp-1422584360690.jpeg

Was selling jewels and wristwatches as part of his plan.

When suddenly the economy had a big crash,

And he decided to do something unique with his stash.


He turned to businesses all around,

And starting selling his watches all over town,

So companies could present the watches as a gift

And help give their employees’ spirits a lift.


So with a simple act of ingenuity,

Mr. Maritz started something that would live in perpetuity.


wpid-wp-1422584368383.jpegThousands of St. Louisans are now employed by this corporation,

And the cake itself is quite a sensation!

Even this cake monster thinks this place is the best

Because the Maritz Corporation is also a sponsor of the Cakeway to the West!





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