Miles Got a Fast Car – Kemp Auto Museum #31

Cake #31 at the Kemp Auto Museum

Cake #31 at the Kemp Auto Museum

One of the best parts about cake hunting (I feel like I say that a lot, but this time I mean it!), aside from all the sketchy encounters/adventures, is discovering hidden gems right in my backyard.

As a West County kid, I spent a lot of time in the Chesterfield Valley – from trying all the various restaurants on the main strip, to getting my Target fix, and even the occasional (though very cherished) game of skee ball at the Galaxy Theater before seeing a flick.

However despite all this time spent in the Valley, until my cake adventures, I did not even know that the Kemp Auto Museum was hiding just around the corner, waiting to be explored.

Cake #31 at the Kemp Auto Museum

Cake #31 at the Kemp Auto Museum

Unfortunately the museum itself was closed when we arrived at this location, but I’ve since learned that it houses some pretty cool stuff. According to, “The Kemp Auto Museum displays historically significant and artistically inspired automobiles from the very earliest to the contemporary for public enjoyment and educational enrichment..” Also, “The Kemp collection includes rare and vintage European automobiles from the turn of the century to modern day.” Definitely worth a return visit!

Besides learning about a new museum, this adventure was made even sweeter with the addition of a new cake hunting accomplice. Yes, Cake #31 marks the very first time my mama decided to join in on the cake hunting!

And while I don’t have any pictures to document her presence at the cake (or mine for that matter…), I do have the wonderful memory of us being about to leave the museum and seeing a large car replica outside the museum entrance. I immediately thought about posing myself and Miles on the car, but was put off the idea by a large and scary looking “Do Not Touch” sign to the right of the car. (Let’s be real, if it was just Miles and I, I would have been all over it, but I was trying to put on a good show for the mama.) However, as if she was reading my thoughts, without missing a beat, I hear, “You should put Miles on that car. It’s not like they have cameras, and it’ll be a really cute picture.” From that bold statement (and blatant disregard of authority…see where I get it from?), I knew my mama was more than ready for the cake adventures I was already starting to plan for us.

I have to say, the picture did come out pretty great.

I have to say, the picture did come out pretty great.





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