A Little Cake and Ice Cream Adventure – The Chess Center #30


After Miles and I took in the glittering glory of the giant shoe made of shoes at the Brown Shoe Company (and the cake, of course), our next stop was a place I had never heard of before my cake adventures – the Chess Center.

Cake #30! At the Chess Center

Cake #30! At the Chess Center

Located in the Central West End, the Chess Center (or the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis, as I later discovered it was really called) is a nonprofit dedicated to both educating those who want to learn or improve their chess playing skills in the community and to preserving the legacy of chess throughout our culture and making it accessible to the general public. Pretty legit right (something I don’t usually get to say with absolutely no hint of sarcasm!)?

What is also pretty legit (*no sarcasm*) is the cake itself.

Cake #30 at the Chess Center

Cake #30 at the Chess Center

The group that put this cake together also created my all time favorite cake at Venice Cafe (Of Course I Have a Plan..Part 1 Venice Cafe #6).  On this cake, though, what I was especially drawn to was the use of color and the fact that the stl250 on the front of the cake, which is usually so prominently displayed, is slightly masked by bold lines of color.

As Miles and I were walking away from this cake, I remember thinking to myself, “So, we’re two cakes down and if we can make it to two more today before the sun goes down, I think I can discount all the previous sketchiness and call today a win.” Ha! Dare to dream!

Before I delve into the sadness that was before me, let me explain for a minute how cake hunting used to be, before everything was mostly streamlined. When I first started cake hunting, the list I was using of cake locations was kind of a beast. The cake sponsors hadn’t gotten into their groove yet (did they really ever…?), and so they would update the list at random times with new cakes and not really make a big deal about it. And since there was no system, the new cakes were just added in, so you’d have to print out a brand new list every few days or weeks and go through cake by cake to find what new one was added and where it was located.

Still with me?

Sad to say, in this “process” sometimes cakes would get added to the list that were not yet out for everyone to enjoy, which led lonely cake monsters like me on wild cake chases trying to find a cake the list says should be there, but isn’t. *Whew stressful*

Cake Fail

Cake Fail

Cake Fail #1 So since my “trusty” list said the Payne Gentry House cake was out, Miles and I spent no less than 20 minutes driving up and down the residential road the House is on, spying what seems to be a historic location, but no cake. And I guarantee that my erratic driving did nothing to help my sketch factor that day.

Cake Fail

Cake Fail

Cake Fail #2 After several attempts at trying to manifest a cake that simply did not exist, Miles and I set off for the next cake on the list at the Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing – talk about a sketchy location (sorry Mom!). This cake may or may not have actually been at it’s location when we tried to find it, but once the GPS took us off the main road to a section of town where there were more quarries and abandoned machines than people, Miles and I were straight out of there!

So. What is one to do when one’s cake hunting adventure has only a 50% success rate? Stop on the way home and get ice cream, of course!  And despite starting out the night with a chomp on the butt, and watching his mom get sadder and sadder over two cake fails, Miles was more than happy to enjoy a pup cup of his own!


Puppy ice cream win!


3 thoughts on “A Little Cake and Ice Cream Adventure – The Chess Center #30

  1. Maureen

    Awesome! I ‘m so glad that you are blogging again! Don’t wait too long before there’s another. Happy Puppy is always a good ending 🙂



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