I’m from the Lou, and I’m Proud – Centennial Greenway/Katy Trail #28

Cake #28 At the Centennial Greenway/Katy Trail

Cake #28 At the Centennial Greenway/Katy Trail

The final cake of the day (at least for this adventure) was at the Centennial Greenway/Katy Trail. Haven’t heard of the Centennial Greenway? Well sit back, relax, and let me give you a quick lesson on its awesomeness.

The Centennial Greenway is a really exciting project that I never would have known much about if it hadn’t been for cake hunting (sneaky sneaky cake-placement-deciders!) ūüėČ

And according to the¬†magical website of knowledge¬†for the Greenway (centennialgreenway.org), “The Centennial Greenway is a system of linear parks and a trail that will connect people in Metropolitan St. Louis with the great natural and the cultural assets of the region. It is…a 600-mile network of trails and parks that will one day allow the region’s residents to connect by foot or bike from the Katy Trail to the central downtown riverfront.”

Ok, so what does this mean and why is it so cool? Basically when it is completed, different cities and counties around St. Louis will be connected like never before.

STL250.org tells more of the story (with my comments added for maximum awesomeness emphasis), “Central to this connection is the Creve Coeur Park Connector [close to home and convenient]‚ÄĒa 3.6 mile long bike and pedestrian trail that enables cyclists and pedestrians to cross the Missouri River using the Page Avenue/364 Bridge [what??!!]. This dedicated path is separated from vehicular traffic so cyclists and walkers can feel safe and protected [I like feeling protected and safe]. It connects to the Katy Trail State Park on the west end at mile 42.8, south of the Family Arena. On the east end it connects to the Creve Coeur Park trail system, giving recreation enthusiasts opportunity to explore the Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park Trail [aka a place everyone needs to explore].”

Miles trying to blend into the landscape like the cake

Miles trying to blend into the landscape like the cake

So, just as the settlers of yore crossed Missouri on foot/oxen (that was a thing, right?), you can pop on your bike¬†(don’t forget to wear a helmet!!)¬†or lace up those hiking boots (need to¬†get me some of those!)¬†and get from place to place without worrying about that pesky river¬†getting in the way!

There are several cakes along the Greenway marking different areas of convergence, but the one that Miles and I admired that day was where the Centennial Greenway/St. Charles meets up with the Katy Trail. And even though some of the cake locations I’ve had to travel to on my cake-ventures have been questionable (have I emphasized this point enough? ūüôā ), this location was very¬†inviting and safe¬†as well as¬†insightful into what cool things St. Louis has in store. Now, if that doesn’t warm your heart just a little, look at the picture of the cute pug on the left and let the feels wash over you! *Group hug!*


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