Cake Huntin’ at the Drive-In – Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In #27

Cake #27! At Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In

Cake #27! At Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In

Next on my list of after-work cake-ventures was Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In on St. Charles Rock Road.

I had never heard of this St. Louis establishment prior to my cake hunting adventure, so I was a little worried about finding it in an area I was unfamiliar with. But I could tell we were getting close when my trusty, furry side-kick Miles James ran to the closest car window and started frantically sniffing the air.

Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In officially opened in 1957 adding several different locations over the years each in keeping with the nostalgic ’50s diner theme. However, the only location that is still open is the one graced with the presence of one of the 250(ish) cakes.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

And according to their website, Chuck-A-Burger still has Cruise Nights featuring only special interest and pre-1973 vehicles to keep the restaurant’s theme going.

Unfortunately Miles and I did not get to witness any of that excitement at the time of our visit.

But, although burgers are not exactly in line with my vegetarian diet, I know Miles was definitely hoping that by some cake miracle, he would get to experience someone chucking a burger his way  🙂

Cake #27! At Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In

Cake #27! At Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In


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