Cake Monster Site Seein’ on Such a Winter’s Day – Historic Hanley House #26

Cake #26! At the Historic Hanley House

Cake #26! At the Historic Hanley House

Once I caught the cake hunting bug, there was no stopping me! So just two short days after Mercutio, WD and I had our cake-venture, I decided it was time for Miles James and I to take our dynamic duo on the road once again.

This was the first of several trips that Miles and I would take after my work day had ended. And let me tell you, those days of waiting on the edge of my seat knowing that I had a little furry friend at home just waiting to go on a cake adventure with me made the minutes just fly by.

Since I was just getting down the rhythm of my cake hunting, I decided to plan this trip around 3 cakes that were close to each other and not far from my home, so it would be an easy after work trip.

Which brings us to the first cake location of the evening: the Historic Hanley House.

The Hanley House is located in Clayton and is on the National Register of Historical Places (*woah*). It’s also the oldest structure in Clayton which I think Mr. James did a good job of illustrating by his rather stately pose next to the cake in the picture above.

The house itself was built in 1855 by Martin Frank Hanley. He purchased all 100.6 acres of the land the house sits on for $750 – not a bad deal.

Unfortunately on this day, Miles and I were not able to get too close to the house itself, but we did get to walk around the garden / open area by the cake and enjoy a few minutes of crisp mid-March air before we were off to the next cake location.

Cake #26! At the Historic Hanley House

Cake #26! At the Historic Hanley House

P.S. This cake’s location is one of my most favorites because I absolutely love that the magical cake location-choosers put the cake on top of the *HUGE* tree stump. It just seems like a perfect place to present a cake (yay alliteration!).


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