A Diamond in the Rough – Creve Coeur Lake #25

Cake #25! At Creve Coeur Lake

Cake #25! At Creve Coeur Lake

Mercutio Krispytreats, WD and I’s epic cake hunting adventure was coming to an end, and for an adventure of this magnitude, there was no better place to end the trip than Creve Coeur Lake.

wpid-wp-1413235829295.jpegI don’t think I’ll ever forget the absolute joy I felt the first time that Mercutio introduced me to the glorious beauty that is Creve Coeur Lake. I had only recently moved into my new apartment down the street from the lake, and I was getting adjusted to living on my own. Mercutio knew that I needed a little pick-me-up, so he brought Miles and I to the lake for some relaxation, and we’ve been hooked ever since!


Photo Credit: Mercutio Krispytreats


Photo Credit: Mercutio Krispytreats

One of the main reasons I love Creve Coeur Lake so much is because it’s a like a little getaway right down the street from home. At 320 acres (what!), it’s the largest natural lake in Missouri. And while I have not personally seen all 320 acres of the lake (yet), the parts that I have seen are pretty spectacular.

The trail that we usually walk around the lake takes about an hour and a half to complete (or longer, if you’re like Miles and I and stop to smell every tree…Miles does this…not me…) and goes from sandy shores along the water to tree lined trails winding through the woods.


Photo Credit: Mercutio Krispytreats

While the water at the lake may not be ideal for drinking, it was the first lake that Miles ever swam in. And one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen Miles do is swim out in the lake to fetch a stick, take a wave too hard, go under for a second, then pop right back up like nothing happened and keep swimming. He’s such a survivor! 🙂

There are few things, however, that can compete with the cuteness of a tired pup when he’s had enough walking for the dawpid-wp-1413235881345.jpegy and decides to let you know by just plopping down right where he is on the trail and not moving.

My most favorite part of walking around the lake, though, is knowing you have almost reached the end of your trip when you start to hear the sound of the lake’s very own waterfall.

Inwpid-wp-1413244238921.jpeg the few years that I’ve lived in Maryland Heights, I’ve probably visited the lake a couple dozen times and each time I walk around the lake, I always come away feeling calmer and more at peace.

And although I’ve seen a lot of interesting cakes on my adventures, and learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the cake at Creve Coeur Lake and all the amazing adventures I’ve had there.

P.S. Aren’t Mercutio’s photos amazing??

Cake #25! At Creve Coeur Lake

Cake #25! At Creve Coeur Lake


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