It’s Fun to See a C-A-K-E – The YMCA of Greater St. Louis #24


Just a…





And a jump

And a jump…

…down the street from this Cake Monster’s home is where we find Cake #24 at the YMCA of Greater St. Louis. While there are many YMCAs across St. Louis, this one was chosen by public vote to be a part of the Cakeway to the West, in part, because it’s also celebrating it’s 160th birthday – yay history!! 🙂

Cake #24! At the YMCA of Greater St. Louis

Cake #24! At the YMCA of Greater St. Louis

Even though I pass this YMCA at least once a day almost everyday on the way home from work, I have never been inside to poke around. So I was pretty excited to take a look at all it had to offer when Mercutio, WD and I’s adventure took us to this location.

The first thing we saw as we entered the building was a huge place for kids to play complete with foam pits, basketball hoops and some strange, fun-looking spidery type thing that seemed totally legit…mostly….

And as we walked further in to spy the cake, we were also hit with the smell of chlorine and the sight of a pool right behind the cake – standard fare for maximum YMCA awesomeness.

As for the cake itself, I think it does a great job of illustrating all the different facets of just what a YMCA provides. The most obvious fun-tivities (oh yeah, word invention!) are sports, but the Y also offers adult classes not only for fitness but for education as well such as tutoring in math and science and literacy programs.

It’s pretty amazing to have all of this just down the street, and when this Cake Monster is done exercising her cake hunting muscles, she might just have to start exercising her real muscles…but we’ll see 🙂

Cake #24! At the YMCA of Greater St. Louis

Cake #24! At the YMCA of Greater St. Louis


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