Cake Monster Finds Another Museum to Explore – The Holocaust Museum #23

Cake #23! At the Holocaust Museum

Cake #23! At the Holocaust Museum

At this point in the trip, the wild, exciting journey of Mercutio, WD and I’s cake adventure was coming full circle as we began to explore the cakes that happened to be close to home (or at least to my home 🙂 ).

The next cake we saw on our adventure that day was at the Holocaust Museum, located in Creve Coeur, just down the street from my humble abode.

According to, “The Holocaust Museum and Learning Center houses a 5,000 square foot core exhibition that provides a chronological history of the Holocaust with personal accounts of Holocaust survivors who emigrated to St. Louis. Photographs, artifacts, text panels, and audio-visual displays guide visitors through pre-war Jewish life in Europe, the rise of Nazism and events during the Holocaust between 1933-1945, and post-war events including the Nuremberg Trials and Jewish life after the Holocaust.” The Museum also holds special exhibitions and different events which, like the museum itself (and lots of things in St. Louis!), are free to the public.

Cake #23! At the Holocaust Museum

Cake #23! At the Holocaust Museum

Until the Cakeway to the West brought us to the cake, this Cake Monster was unaware of such an educational museum not far from home.

Unfortunately on the afternoon of this cake hunt, the museum doors were not open, but I made another mental note (ok, an actual note this time – I have a lot to remember!) to stop by at a later date and take in all the museum has to offer.

And despite the ever menacing, retina-burning sunrays that were obstructing our vision, the cake itself was very beautiful to look at and extremely well done with swirling blues and whites, and the especially poignant quote on the front from the Talmud, “He who saves a single life saves the entire world.”


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