The (Cake) Monster Inside Me – St. Joseph’s Academy #19


Musical NoteFrom Earth to sky, let our song resound, in praise of St. Joseph’s Academy. Where our hopes are nurtured and dreams come true and friendships are fostered in loyalty. The memories of the hours we’ve shared we’ll always cherish with fidelity. The carefree hours and youth’s bright laugh Salute St. Joseph’s Academy! 

Talk about a trip down memory lane! Once the gates of nostalgia were open, I knew they couldn’t be closed until I had made a trip to see the cake at my old stomping ground: St. Joseph’s Academy.

Cake #19! At St. Joseph's Academy
Cake #19! At St. Joseph’s Academy

Interestingly enough, 2014 marks 10 years since I walked the halls of St. Joe’s as a young freshman (where does the time go? *sniff*).

Besides being one of my favorite high schools in the area (I might be a little biased), St. Joseph’s Academy is the second ever all girls Catholic high school in the St. Louis area.

St. Joe’s was chosen to be a part of the Cakeway to the West by public vote, but what I liked about this cake is the artist’s (a SJA alum!) use of the flags of other area high schools and the ever popular St. Louis question, “Where did you go to high school?” printed along the top of the cake.

wpid-20140315_163940.jpgSo as Mercutio, WD and I walked around the cake admiring all of the different schools represented and the bright colorful tiers, I told them all about my time at St. Joseph’s Academy. I told them about how I got so used to wearing a uniform everyday during high school that college was a complete culture shock for me when I realized I had to actually decide what to wear each day (and there were boys in my classes! What?). I also told them about my sweet red Saturn (RIP) that was a ticking time bomb and whose passenger side window would only roll down half way and then make an annoying buzzing sound which I would use at my discretion whenever I felt my current passenger was getting unruly (or they were unaware of the window situation 😉 ).

I told them lots of tales of my adventures in high school, however, the most meaningful part of this cake adventure, for this cake monster, was coming home later that evening and looking through some old photographs and finding these gems:

That's me! Second from the left!

That’s me! Second from the left!

See! See! I was always a monster :)

See! See! I was always a monster 🙂








These pictures were taken at the end of Mission Week – a week during which the ladies of St. Joe’s help raise money for the missions in Peru. At the end of the week, it’s a tradition for the senior women to dress up in homemade capes and celebrate together as a class. As you can see, my friends pictured above have nice, normal ideas for their capes: Batman, Spiderman, etc. However, being the monster that I am, my cape is adorned with nothing other than a beast. That was all I wanted on my cape – a beast.

Looking back now, this seems to have laid the groundwork for the cake monster that lurks inside me today. Plus cake / cape – they almost rhyme, right? 😉

Musical NoteWith sturdy hearts we hold aloft the colors we’ll always defend. So raise the banner of green and white and let our voices blend. Salute! St. Joseph’s Academy!


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